Aviation accidents

"The desire to reach for the sky runs deep in our human psyche." Cesar Pelli

Travel by air is quoted as being the safest form of travel. The majority of flights pass without incident but an accident on board an aircraft can have a huge impact on the lives of everyone involved.

No matter how severe or minor the consequences, you will need expert legal assistance to ensure that your claim is properly investigated and pursued against the correct Defendant which could be the airline operator and/or aircraft/component manufacturer or the pilot in a helicopter or light aircraft accident who could be based in this country or abroad.

APART from plane crashes, accidents on planes can occur due to the following:

There are very strict rules on time limits for bringing a claim following an air accident. It is usually only two years from the date of the accident so it is therefore vital that you contact a legal expert as soon as possible afterwards.

We have considerable experience of successfully pursuing Air Travel Accident claims on behalf of passengers who have been injured or on behalf of their families in fatal cases. This experience enables us to understand the issues involved in the claim and investigate what went wrong at an early stage. It also gives you the peace of mind and reassurance you need to be satisfied that we have the expertise to help you through what can be a complex process.